Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sorry there are no pictures this update! It has been a little crazy around here. Grant has been sick since Friday, the whole nine yards. So sorry if I haven't been able to return phone calls or answer emails as quickly as I normally do, I have been cleaning up puke! I thought he was going to be able to go to school today but he didn't. Yesterday he was doing so good. I was able to get a little food down him and some water and gatorade. All was fine until I left for the gym just before he went to bed. He did it again, this time Sam had to clean it up! So I kept him home from school today and so far he has been good. I am keeping my fingers, toes, everything crossed.

 Tonight the twins have an indoor soccer game. Keep everything crossed for them too! The last two teams we have played have been select club teams. Our team is kids thrown together from two different soccer clubs, all but a few have never played together before. Tonight is a new team that I am not familiar with, so hopefully they are a team more on our level. It hasn't really bothered the twins not winning but I think it is starting to get to some of our players. On one positive note, Ethan has become a good little goalie. And hopefully playing indoor soccer will help even more. I really don't like my kids playing that position but it is something he really enjoys so I guess I have no say in it really. As long as he likes it and tries his hardest, I am a proud Momma! Ian is also improving. He likes to be goalie but not as much as Ethan. He mostly plays forward. I think half back is more his speed though. I guess time will tell. They both seem to really enjoy soccer. I am happy with that! They are on the same team, same practice time, same game time which equals less running time for me!!

Regan is doing great too. He is trying to talk a little more and climbing a lot more. He is a sneaky little fellow! The other day someone left one of the stools in the kitchen and Regan decided to climb not only on the stool but up on the stove. I look over and there he his dancing up on the stove. :) He LOVES to dance. I have been trying to get a video of him dancing but it seems that every time I try he doesn't want to or when he is dancing I don't have my camera.

Lastly, I just wanted to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving. Y'all will all be in our thoughts and prayers. And I can't go with out saying, GIG'EM AGGIES. I know it is a long shot but a true Aggie has to believe!!!! BTHO t.u.


Lydia said...

Well I hope that Grants feels better. Also Happy Thanksgiving to your family too.

Kayce said...

Thank you Lydia!

Steph said...

i'll forgive you for a post without pictures....juat this once. lol

happy thanksgiving!

Cathy said...

oh I hate to read children are sick, hopefully all will back to normal ASAP.