Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi friends and family!

Yes, I know I have been bad about updating this blog. Part of me blames it on my computer. (The other part is me, yes, I know it is hard to believe that!) The computer went and completely filled up on me. Yep, I can not load any more pictures, download music, or even jokes because the computer is completely full! I guess I take too many pictures. I am hoping to clean up the computer soon. For Christmas, Sam got me a 1 terabyte external hard drive. So I will be transferring all my pictures over to of these days. And as soon as I do that I will be able to post pictures again!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, it is time to update y'all on our family. Spring is our busy season! From February to June, it is CRAZY around here! The end of February brought us Grant's 5th birthday. He was so excited about turning five. He had a great, low key birthday. And got all kinds of new toys and money! It is so hard to believe that he is now 5 and will be starting kindergarten next year. In fact, Grant is all signed up and ready to start kindergarten in the fall. He can not wait to ride the bus and go to "the boys" (the twins) school. Too bad they will be going to Jr. High...ugh! Grant is taking the season off from sports. We were going to do swimming lessons during the spring but when I went to sign Regan and Grant up at noon on the day it opened, ALL the classes were full!

February also brought us Sam and mine's (is that right??) 11th Anniversary and 13 years that we have been together. It gets better and better every year. I am so grateful for all that Sam has brought to my life and I look forward to many many more years together!

March brought us something new to our lives. LACROSSE!! The twins have started playing it this year and LOVE it!!! It is a great combination of soccer, hockey, and kinda basketball. We are all enjoying learning about lacrosse. A couple of weeks ago we went to The Day of Rivals at Raven's Stadium. It was a long day, 3 full college games of lacrosse (two of them went into overtime), but a lot of fun. That helped us all learn more about lacrosse. The twins are picking up on the game really fast! Both are starting, Ethan is playing defense and Ian goes back and forth between defense and middie. I have really enjoyed watching them pick up a new sport, (that lets admit..not too many Texans know about)that they didn't know that much about. I look forward to watching them grow in this sport. I think they will be playing it for many more seasons!!! Grant has enjoyed it so much that he wants to play too. He has to wait until he is in kindergarten to play though. And Regan loves to pick up our fiddle sticks (smaller lacrosse sticks) and playing.

Next month is going to be a little crazy, it always is! There are birthdays galore in April in our family. My little sister's birthday is April 12, my "little sister" (my sister's best friend) Kari's is April 13, my cousin Lauren's is April 16, Regan's 3rd birthday is April 19, the twins' 11th birthday is April 23, my 31st birthday is April 27th and my cousin Michael's is April 29. So like I will be a little crazy!!

Hope everyone has a great and blessed Easter. We start our Spring Break tomorrow too. Thursday I think we are heading to the indoor water "park" in Germantown. Friday we do not have anything planned. Saturday will be spent all day at the University of Maryland looking around the campus, tailgating and watching the Maryland vs Virginia lacrosse game. Sunday we are heading to Hershey, PA for the night. Not sure what all we will be doing there but I am sure Chocolate World is in our plans!! We will be back Monday night and Tuesday will be a relaxing day to get the kids ready for school on Wed. I promise pictures will follow soon!!! hopefully!! haha

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stuffed Pizza Rolls

I want to share with you this recipe! It was sent to me via my friend Katie over at TexasNorth and she got it via Our Best Bites, Both are AWESOME websites!! Let me just say, my kids destroyed 2 pans of these!! So I guess I hit it out of the park with this recipe! Thanks to Katie and the gals at Our Best Bites for sharing this recipe!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Adventure

I am so excited to announce that I am now a Scentsy Consultant. I can't wait to see where this goes. If you love candles, you will love Scentsy even more! It is a wickless candle system and scents that is easy to use, safe, and fun. If you are interested in buying this great product, hosting a party, hosting a basket party (great for those who don't live close), or starting your own Scentsy business, please contact me. I also put out a monthly newsletter that contains the warmer and scent of the month and any other specials that I am offering. If you would like to receive it, just email me. Visit my website, If you have any questions, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finally ;)

Things have been a little hectic here lately. We have been busy busy busy with soccer. The twins are doing great this year. Ethan has really taken to being a goalie and is really enjoying it. Ian has been playing forward and mid back and they are both learning a lot. They will continue soccer into indoor soccer for the winter. Which is their FAVORITE! Grant also played soccer this year. It was his first season. It is so cute to watch those little ones out on the field. :) Regan isn't playing just yet but it didn't stop him from dressing in all his soccer stuff for Grant's games and practices. He had to have cleats and shin guards too. He will start playing next fall.

Regan taking a break from running around

Ian doing a throw in during a game

Ethan doing a throw in during a game

Grant at practice kicking the ball

School is going great for everyone. Ethan and Ian are in Mrs. Clark's 5th grade class. Both were asked to be in the enrichment program. I am so proud of them! Their MSA scores and grades qualified them for the enrichment program. It has challenged them in good ways.

Grant is loving pre-K. He looks forward to going every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. He is starting to get excited about kindergarten and riding the bus to school! His speech is coming along and the speech teacher (he goes to the twins school twice a month for speech) is very pleased with his progress.

Regan is also going to "school." He goes on Mondays to Parents Time Out at the same place that Grant goes to preschool. He is still adjusting to being away from mom but has a good time once he warms up. Mrs. Judy says that he just likes to cuddle with her for about 5 minutes but then he ready to play. It has been nice for me to have a little break!!

Sam and I are doing great. Sam is getting ready for the craziness that is Christmas. And I plan on keeping busy through the winter painting the rest of the house that needs it (family room and all of upstairs.) That should keep me pretty busy. I just finished painting the playroom and Sam finished the dining room. I will post pictures soon. I am LOVING my dining room. Sam also finished the design I requested on back wall of the powder room!! It looks great too.

Sam and I have also been involved in stopping the redistricting of our neighborhood. It has been very time consuming. Sam has been trying to go to all the FEAC and school board meetings to show our disapproval of this move. Tonight we had a little victory, FEAC rejected the proposal for "G4." So now we have to see what the school board decides to do. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the school boards decides to redistrict another area and keep our town together.

This summer Peyton came to visit us. We enjoyed having him this summer and as always the trip was way too short!! Here are a couple of pictures from his visit. I will post more soon in a post dedicated to just Peyton's visit.

Peyton and Sam July 2009

All 5 boys!!
from top to bottom-left to right:
Peyton, Grant, Ian, Ethan and Regan

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Karate Dottie

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. I promise pictures and updates are coming soon!

Until then here is a chance to win an autographed copy of my husband's new book, Karate Dottie and the Treacherous Treehouse. He will also include an artist sketch inside the book. All you have to is read his interview by Todd Chandler at and make a comment. Hope you enjoy it!!

And please feel free to repost this!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PawPaw and Mimi's visit

PawPaw and Mimi came to visit us and to have a late Christmas with us. We always enjoy having family stay a few days with us. The boys had a blast with the toys and movies that PawPaw and Mimi gave them and Sam and I enjoyed visiting with them the couple of days they were here. Thanks for coming to visit us and come back soon!!!

New toys and soccer

Here are the boys enjoying some of their new Christmas toys and Ethan playing goalie at a indoor soccer game.

Ethan playing goalie

Regan and Grant                          Regan at the soccer game

Regan and Ian riding around                                 Grant on the power wing