Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finally ;)

Things have been a little hectic here lately. We have been busy busy busy with soccer. The twins are doing great this year. Ethan has really taken to being a goalie and is really enjoying it. Ian has been playing forward and mid back and they are both learning a lot. They will continue soccer into indoor soccer for the winter. Which is their FAVORITE! Grant also played soccer this year. It was his first season. It is so cute to watch those little ones out on the field. :) Regan isn't playing just yet but it didn't stop him from dressing in all his soccer stuff for Grant's games and practices. He had to have cleats and shin guards too. He will start playing next fall.

Regan taking a break from running around

Ian doing a throw in during a game

Ethan doing a throw in during a game

Grant at practice kicking the ball

School is going great for everyone. Ethan and Ian are in Mrs. Clark's 5th grade class. Both were asked to be in the enrichment program. I am so proud of them! Their MSA scores and grades qualified them for the enrichment program. It has challenged them in good ways.

Grant is loving pre-K. He looks forward to going every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. He is starting to get excited about kindergarten and riding the bus to school! His speech is coming along and the speech teacher (he goes to the twins school twice a month for speech) is very pleased with his progress.

Regan is also going to "school." He goes on Mondays to Parents Time Out at the same place that Grant goes to preschool. He is still adjusting to being away from mom but has a good time once he warms up. Mrs. Judy says that he just likes to cuddle with her for about 5 minutes but then he ready to play. It has been nice for me to have a little break!!

Sam and I are doing great. Sam is getting ready for the craziness that is Christmas. And I plan on keeping busy through the winter painting the rest of the house that needs it (family room and all of upstairs.) That should keep me pretty busy. I just finished painting the playroom and Sam finished the dining room. I will post pictures soon. I am LOVING my dining room. Sam also finished the design I requested on back wall of the powder room!! It looks great too.

Sam and I have also been involved in stopping the redistricting of our neighborhood. It has been very time consuming. Sam has been trying to go to all the FEAC and school board meetings to show our disapproval of this move. Tonight we had a little victory, FEAC rejected the proposal for "G4." So now we have to see what the school board decides to do. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the school boards decides to redistrict another area and keep our town together.

This summer Peyton came to visit us. We enjoyed having him this summer and as always the trip was way too short!! Here are a couple of pictures from his visit. I will post more soon in a post dedicated to just Peyton's visit.

Peyton and Sam July 2009

All 5 boys!!
from top to bottom-left to right:
Peyton, Grant, Ian, Ethan and Regan