Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Part 2

October 30, 2008
Our town(s) (Sharpsburg, Keedysville, & Boonsboro, they are kinda like Salado, Holland, and Bartlett to each other for those reading in Texas) decided to do Halloween and trick or treating on Thursday so Boonsboro wouldn't be too crowded for the "big" football game on Friday. You see we are UNDEFEATED this year and I guess they didn't want any conflicts and wanted more people in the stands to cheer on the Warriors. So we smiled and tick or treated on Thursday. The boys all decided to go as Star Wars people. Ethan was Commander Cody, Ian was Boba Fett, Grant was a Clone Trooper, and Regan was Yoda. They looked so cute out there. We did have one little mishap: Grant had followed the boys up to a door and then came back to us. The next thing I hear is Ethan saying, "Grant come on. Grant get off the grass. Come on Grant, lets go to the next house." I kinda hear this in the background of all the talking amongst the parents. I look at Ethan and ask him who he is talking to and he says Grant. I said Grant is right here Ethan. He replies, "No he isn't he is right here." About that time Grant took off his mask and sure enough, he was right next to me and Ethan was talking to another "Clone Trooper." Poor kid!!! Regan lasted 2 1/2 streets, I thought that was pretty good for him. The other three lasted the whole subdivison, 2 hours worth of trick or treating!! To say the least, we have plenty of candy now! 

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