Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grant's 1st Field Trip

October 21, 2008 
So last week I dropped Regan off at our good friends house and Grant and I headed to preschool for a Grant and Mom adventure. We were off to Jumbo's Pumpkin Patch with about 20 other mom's and preschoolers. We had a really good time! While we were there we looked at all the different kinds of pumpkins that they grow, it is amazing how different kinds of pumpkins they can grow! We took a hay ride out to the Corn Maze. Grant and his friend Ryan led the way through the maze. They really enjoyed seeing all the corn and running through the maze! Next it was off to the pumpkin patch to pick out of pumpkin. Of course we had to go to the very back of the patch to find just the right one. Grant was really interested in the one pumpkin that was spewed all over the ground. He stood at it for a few minutes and then told me, "Mom, ewwww, mom, ewww." Then was off again. We took the hay ride back to the front of the farm so we could see all the baby animals that they had. Grant loves animals and loved being able to feed them. His favorite was Batman and Robin, the baby calves. Next was a quick snack and then back to running around and jumping off the hay stacks. Grant said he had a really good time and so did I! It was a nice Mom and Grant morning!

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