Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our family

Alright, so I have decided to start a blog so friends and family can keep up with me, one out numbered momma!!! 

Just to catch you up. I'm Kayce. I was born and raised in the FABULOUS state of Texas, Belton, Texas. I am a PROUD Texan and just about everyone that knows me knows this!! I am married to a great man, Sam. We have been together for almost 12 years and I have been his fabulous, moody, loving wife for almost 10 years now. We have had our ups and downs and we always pull through. We are a great team!! Sam was born in Knoxville, raised in Virginia for 10 years then moved to Florida. We met in Temple, Texas where we were both working. We decided to take our life journey together and so far we have lived in 6 states and have logged many miles together. 

We started in Temple, Texas then moved to Dothan, Alabama for 1 year to the day. That was not the best place for us, well me, but one very dear friend came from there! From there it was on to Memphis, Tennessee. We were there for 4 years. A lot of great friends and memories keep us visiting Memphis! Sam and I were married there and had two of our kids there. From Memphis it was on to Lexington, Kentucky. We loved Lexington and were there for 2 years. I think it is the prettiest place we have lived so far. From Lexington we moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We were in Pittsburgh, well Oakdale for 3 years. We bought our 1st house and had two more kids here. This is where we put the most roots down and I think was the hardest to move from so far! We are now in Keedysville, Maryland and have been for a year now, well technically tomorrow is our official 1 year anniversary. That has caught you up on the place we have lived for now. 

Now on to why I am one out numbered momma! Not only is there my husband Sam in the house, we also have Peyton, Ethan, Ian, Grant, and Regan. Yes, you read that right, we have 5 boys together! Peyton, 13, is Sam's son from before there was a Sam and Kayce. Peyton lives in Alabama with his mom. He is very active in football and baseball and art. Then we had Ethan and Ian, twins, that are 9. They were born in Memphis and have been along for our adventures ever since. Right now they are into soccer, soccer, and more soccer! They play both indoor and outdoor soccer. Ethan is playing the saxophone and Ian is playing percussion. We welcomed another son in 2005 when we were in Pittsburgh. Grant is now 3 and there is never a dull moment when he is around! He LOVES animals and kicking the soccer ball around too. I think is favorite thing to do though is flips. Yes, he is definitely his momma's son! And last but not least is Regan (pronounced REEGAN, not Reagan). He is 1 years old and makes sure he is not left out of anything! He is learning from everyone! Some of his favorite things are eating, especially if it is off someone else's plate, jumping from everything and of course learning to kick a soccer ball. Yes, we are a soccer family! So that catches you up on the kids.

So that about catches you up on us! Hopefully I will be good about adding what's going on with us and everyone will be able to see lots of pictures of our hectic but FUN lives!! 


Steph said...

Kayce I'm so glad you're here!! I think you and all those boys need another girl in the house. Baby sis maybe? ;-)

Kayce said...

LOL, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a little girl in the house but I think the odds are against me! :) Plus I think my mom would die if I made her a grandma AGAIN! hee hee