Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Weekends

Here is a peek into what are weekends are all about. It is filled with soccer. I have taken pictures at two of Ethan and Ian's games. One was at the beginning of the season, Sept. 19, and the others were taken last weekend, Nov. 1st. Ethan is number 15 and Ian is 14. In the first game, Ian was goalie for most of the game, so he is in the red pennie. The 2nd game is Ethan doing a throw in. After the Nov. 1st game we had our team party so the rest are the pictures from that. We hiked up to the 1st Washington Monument on the Appalachian Trail and had a pizza party. The kids had a great time!!

Ian actually saved this!!

Regan and Grant were WIPED out

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