Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Part 1

October 30, 2008
Grant had his preschool Fall Festival today. We had a little bit of a rough morning. It began with me having to wake Grant up which is never a good sign of what is to come. He had a little bit of breakfast and then it was time to get in his costume. Yeah, we had a little bit of a struggle with that one. He went back and forth on wearing it to school or not. Finally he said he wanted it on, YAY! So I took some pictures at home and then it was off to preschool. As soon as we get to school he starts pulling off his costume. I convince him to keep it on and we walk in. As soon as we walk through the door to the school, the costume starts coming off. I give up and he completely takes it off. I  let the teacher know that if he wants it back on, I left it on the table. I wait outside for the Costume Parade and what do you know Grant walks out with his costume ON. I swear that kid gives me a run for my money! Mrs. B said as soon as I walked out the door she asked him if he wanted to wear his costume and she said he smiled at her a big smile and said YES! What a little turkey!!!!

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