Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stuffed Pizza Rolls

I want to share with you this recipe! It was sent to me via my friend Katie over at TexasNorth and she got it via Our Best Bites, Both are AWESOME websites!! Let me just say, my kids destroyed 2 pans of these!! So I guess I hit it out of the park with this recipe! Thanks to Katie and the gals at Our Best Bites for sharing this recipe!!


Anonymous said...

Royce makes pizza rolls but they are nothing like this. Personally this looks a LOT easier than what he does. (He literally makes pizza dough and rolls up pepperoni and cheese inside like a croissant. They are SO yummy but they take a lot of work.) I'm going to send him this recipe. He and the kids can never get enough pizza-anything!

Roxanne said...

Kayce, girl!!! That's just too much snow for anyone! Do you still have snow on the ground? I just can't imagine! I bet your boys loved playing in though. Did they build a snowman? I hope you took some pictures.
We've got snow in our forcast again on Sunday.

Kayce said...

We still have snow on the ground. And are expecting more this weekend, hopefully it is only an inch or two! The boys built a fort and a snowman. Plus our good friends made path so we could tube down them. We all had a blast doing that! But I am so ready for summer and some HEAT!!! :)
PS~ I LOVE your dogs! My mom has a schnauzer, I love that dog!

Roxanne said...

Hang in there mama!

Abby, was Nathan and Beth's baby after they got married and they loved her so much. She has the cutest personality.