Sunday, January 11, 2009

Santa's coming to town

Every year, ok well for the past two years that we have lived here, Santa has come by on the fire truck. Grant asks me atleast once a week ,"When is Ho Ho coming on the fire truck." He's been asking since June! So he finally came. We had just gotten home from the grocery store and I thought we had missed him down our street. We watched him go down all the streets behind us and then he came down our street. YAY we didn't miss him! Poor Regan was sick (we had just found out he had pneumonia) but he was so excited Ho Ho was coming, so I tried to bundle him up as best I could and across the street we went. Oh and did I mention it was FREEZING outside! So cold that as soon as Santa passed our house, he jumped in the fire truck so he could warm up!!! And we ran in the house as fast as we could too. In case you didn't figure it out Ho Ho is what Grant has always called Santa and Regan has picked it up now and that is also what he calls Santa.

The boys and our neighbors waiting for Santa

Did I mention it was cold out??

There he is!!!!

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Lydia Siegel said...

O'my he came through your neighborhood? How cool is that!